How the Rich get Richer – Particularly in the Afterlife

It is said that most people don’t get serious about wealth-building until they are in their ’30s. But this is where most rich people are different. They start early in their ’20s. I used the term ‘rich’ rather loosely here. I don’t mean ultra-rich like Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani, or Jeff Bezos, I mean anyoneContinue reading “How the Rich get Richer – Particularly in the Afterlife”

Eternal Conflict: Short-term vs Long-term

The other day I was speaking with a senior academician who teaches finance in a leading B-school and also plies his skills in the stock market. He proclaims to be a long-term investor whose mantra is: buy and forget. He says he is immune to the everyday insanity that plagues so many investors. After skirtingContinue reading “Eternal Conflict: Short-term vs Long-term”