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Rich by Choices

Hello, friends! This is my first post on my spanking new blog – Rich by Choices aka RBC.

I love reading about money. I have always been curious how some people excel so far ahead of others in financial terms even when the odds were stacked against them.

After having read several books and heaps of other literature on personal finance, I wondered why not use the knowledge to push myself and others achieve their financial goals. So here we are.

As I write this post, I plan to publish most of the content around the following categories:

  • The Millionaire Mindset. If you are someone aspiring to be rich, you must have given it a thought at some point of your life. What is it that wealthy people do that not only helps them stay rich, but, also, helps them multiply their wealth? How do they stay in complete control of their emotions even under duress. My writing in this section would help you steer clear of financial pitfalls that prevent ill-prepared people from hitting their goals. I would also share with you the srategies and tactics deployed by the wealthy people around the world.
  • Financial Planning. For a majority of people, wealth creation is a slow burn. It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. You have to put solid foundations in place for years before tasting results. The posts in this section will act as a lighthouse for everyone who wants to savor money management and basic investing principles.
  • Make Money. Who doesn’t like an extra bit of income? This section will have my writings on legit side hustles that you can create for an alternate revenue stream.

If you are interested in knowing more about wealth-building or if you already have a blog of your own where you write about personal finance, then I would like to know more about you.

You would see a lot of things here are not in their place. There is a reason for that.

I don’t want to waste time to make this website look perfect and then, wait for the perfect moment to launch.

I am launching it anyways.

I’d keep making cosmetic changes as we move along. So don’t be surprised to see a lot of tweaks and pivots in the coming days.

You can follow me here on WordPress and I will follow you back.

Published by Amitesh Jasrotia

Dreamer. Bibliophile. I love to read business books and research papers. Taking notes is a habit and self-improvement is an obsession. I love hanging out at bookshops, libraries, and museums.

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